Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh what to do?

Just when I thought everything was sorted and we can start trying right away, I have kind of decided to wait another 2 maybe 3 months.

The reason is that there is going to be a federal election here in Australia in November. Each candidate has promised to introduce paid maternity leave in January 2011, something that is not currently available here.

One party has promised 18 weeks, the other 26 weeks of paid leave. So if we wait till I am due in Feb we will be entitled to this extra money, which means for me an extra 3 months or an extra  5 1/2 months at home with my baby, which just wouldnt be possible otherwise. Without the paid leave I would be able to have a total of 6 months off work, with the paid leave this would extend to 9 months, possibly 12.

So I guess even though I really dont want to wait any longer to start trying we would be mad to miss out on this extra special time at home with bubs.

So I am kind of in two minds at the moment, but am leaning towards waiting until June to start trying. The one good thing about this is it will give me a chance to lose some extra weight between now and then. Currently I am 74kg and I would like to get down to 65kg. So that will give me something to focus on in the meantime, and I guess in the end I will be healthier all round for another pregnancy.

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